i suffered a "traumatic brain-injury" on june 24, 1990, when i was 16 years old.
it was one week after seeing madonna's blond ambition tour in philadelphia.
my website is a product of said "brain-injury" and, well, madonna.


CLICK THE RETARD - my site is as ridiculous as i am a gay brain-injured instigator.
i am in good company. roseanne barr had a brain-injury at 16, as well. hey, roseanne, check out MY potty-mouth.

this is the new sexism


i found this link on google. it was written by a man who felt compromised and belittled by society's tolerance of sexism and sexist ideals. i did a little research on the man to find out that one business near pittsburgh, which is called "the green valley veterinary hospital," went so far as to have scott leah from "tucker/arensberg attorneys" send him a threatening letter which warned that a lawsuit would follow if "false and disparaging" things about the hospital continued to be posted online.

if you'd read the above-linked essay,written in 2013, it is only a complaint regarding an all-female workforce AT the "green valley veterinary hospital" (as well as at other businesses). it's a complaint in opposition to the sexist hiring-practices of maureen a. mcelhinny, who seems to be the vagina who hired the all-vagina staff of 12 at the hospital. i must say that, as a completely uninvolved third party, i have a problem with "green valley veterinary hospital" for whining to a lawyer like a bunch of little raped girls, and i have a problem with scott leah of "tucker/arensberg attorneys" for intimidating a man who was merely reporting on sexism at the workplace.

what kind of attorney speaks of lawsuits in retaliation for someone's comments on sexist hiring-practices? what kind of attorney charges "defamation" when one look at the all-female workforce, WHICH WAS DISPLAYED RIGHT ON THE WEBSITE, trumps the charge of defamation as easily as truth trumps it? a good man is an honest man, and scott leah of tucker/arensberg is neither.

the belittled man seems to have been doing this kind of "yelping" a lot, dare i say "possibly as a result of green valley veterinary hospital's hissy-fit". the belittled man is named dylan terreri, and if one does a google-search of his name then one will find complaints that really could be on yelp.com. there are complaints written against the pennsylvania state police, FIRST for bringing dylan to court after he made a facebook-account in an officer's name...a name which, by the way, the officer did not copyright nor register as a trademark...and SECOND for "yelping" about being brought to court for such a non-offense. there are complaints against loney hutchins and loney's company called "21st century living services" (both of whom dylan should bring to court for everything described at dylan's loneyhutchins.com website), there are complaints against a girl who taunted him relentlessly throughout his childhood by refusing to regard him as masculine and instead calling him a "grit" - a mixture of a "girl" and an "it".

back to dylan's complaints regarding both the vagina-doctors of "green valley" and scott leah of "tucker/arensberg" - these people should be ashamed of themselves for causing so much strife in dylan terreri's life. dylan has written about the strife caused by all of the aforementioned people, it's all easily found on google, and it's time that ZERO TOLERANCE is given to any organization which wants criminals made out of those who YELP (be it on yelp.com or anywhere else). what's next, are we going to incarcerate siskel and ebert?

i've seen dylan terreri swimming naked in his pool or walking naked on his porch, i've heard stories of dylan terreri's childlike behavior around town, and dylan terreri is quite harmless. he's as unintimidating as the picture of "rosie the riveter" where she's flexing her unseen bicep, and it is shameful and unconscionable for "green valley veterinary hospital" or scott leah or anyone else to cause him so much grief and worry.